CZ is able to meet your needs in Automotive, Robotics, Military and Food Processing just to name a few. We manufacture many Robotic end of arm tooling (EOAT) which in turns is used in many different applications. CZ machines all the made components, we will assemble, fully wire with electrical and pneumatics and label all. (Turnkey EOAT) We work with all materials, Steel, Aluminum, Delrin, UHMW, Titanium, D2, O1, Stainless Steel just to name a few. We have a capacity and capabilities to machine large casting and in large quantities . We can do “while you wait” repair or modifications (ex: boring holes larger/shortening or adding a angle). If we are unable to complete “while you wait” we will be able to provide you with a firm delivery. We are can provide you with many different finishes. And many we do in-house so we are able to keep cost down. We also keep many RAL# in stock in both paint and powdercoat, just provide us with your RAL# you desire.

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CZ Industries is experienced in robotics manufacturing. If you need exacting quality construction, give us a call at 248.475.4415

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